Jaku Konbit|CU


The Jaku Konbit|CU (JKCU) charter club is affiliated with the community organization Jaku Konbit (JK). JKCU is centered toward African Caribbean Black Canadian (ACBC) Youth. JK will serve as an organization that strives to empower and promote community interaction among all black students at Carleton University. This group specifically focuses on showcasing the skills and talents that our students have. This club is for our members and other Black students to showcase their businesses, get educated by professional entrepreneurs, have a networking session for Black students to connect culturally and socially with one another, and form a solidified community. Moreover, We aim to represent and foster black culture through community interaction. JK is a club where you can share your voice, ideas, and feelings, and most importantly, it is an opportunity for you to be active within the club to gain experience at your university.