Elections are an exciting time for every Club or Society.

Remember to encourage all eligible members to consider running for an executive position and remember that sometimes a member just needs a little encouragement to run for a position. Make sure to consult with BYLAW XII – CLUBS AND SOCIETIES ELECTIONS

when planning your Club or Society election. The Student Groups Administrator is happy to help facilitate your election for you.


Successful Transitions

A successful executive transition is imperative for Clubs and Societies to be successful. Consider setting up a meeting with the incoming and outgoing executive to ensure all necessary information is passed on to the new executive. 


Here is a list of topics that incoming executives should be asking outgoing executives about to ensure they are well prepared for their role.



Make sure your Club or Society transitions successfully by handing in your ledger at the end of the year. This is a requirement for your group to be eligible to receive funding from CUSA in the following year.


8.1. Every Club and Society must submit a ledger and membership list to the Clubs Commissioners in electronic form by April 30th of each year.



Officer Transition is an important part of the success of any Club/Society. Make sure to have incoming officers create a list of questions to ask outgoing officers. Examples include the following: What was the most difficult part of the position? What is one thing you wished you would’ve known going into the position? Can you pass on any important contact information?



Once you have a new executive make sure to change the signing authority on your bank account. Submit a Bank Letter request on CUSA Hub. It is important to do so in a timely manner after transitioning into your role as the process can take a little while.



The summer is a great time to start planning events/initiatives for the upcoming year. Here’s some ideas for your summer planning:

• Survey your members for feedback and ideas

• Check to see if CUSA is offering summer funding opportunities

• Register for Club Expo

• Make sure to re-register on CUSA Hub

• Start researching costs to have a head start on preparing your budget


• Update your CUSA Hub page so prospective new members to learn more about your group