You can find the full directory of clubs at the Directory. Clubs largely identify as Academic Societies, Religious groups, Student Businesses, being based around a common interest, being a Competitive Sports Team, being tied to an Ethnicity or Culture, being focused on Social action or Philanthropy, being Political Party Affiliates, being focused on Recreational Sports & Outdoors, or being based around a Single Event.

On the Directory, connect with the group via e-mail and any social media! You’ll want ot ensure you get added to any group mailing list.

You can start a club any time! Find another person to serve as an executive with you, then find another 8 students (for 10 total) who share the interest in starting the club. Once you have that visit https://cusaclubs.ca/start-a-club/ and complete the form! The Student Groups Administrator will process your application from there.

The clubs and societies system at Carleton is overseen by and accountable to the Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA), your representative body on campus. Within CUSA, the student executives of President and Vice President Internal oversee the clubs and societies at the highest level, with various CUSA services and Carleton departments frequently engaged in ensuring safe and high quality initiatives for club and society success.

Clubs and Societies have largely moved to provide programming online to comply with social distancing guidelines. Clubs are offering more accessible online content than ever before, with more effort being put on helping students find their sense of belonging within the Carleton community.

CUSA Clubs & Societies Office

513 University Centre
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6