Carleton Ukrainian Students’ Club


The mandates and objectives of the Ukrainian Students’ Club are as follow:

To uphold and promote the Ukrainian language.
2. To organize, and represent the members of the Ukrainian Students’ Club at Carleton
University, along with other Associate Member Organizations as an organized body;
3. To promote Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian studies;
4. To promote awareness of Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian cultural on and off campus;
5. To provide a structure for intra/inter group relations;
6. To participate in and encourage the development of the Ukrainian-Canadian community which abides by the rule of law and democratic and humanitarian principles;
7. To educate and inform members and non-members about issues relevant to the Ukrainian-Canadian community;
8. To coordinate and initiate activities for persons in order to promote Ukrainian culture;
9. To organize conferences, tours, ethnic events, study groups and exhibits which further the objectives of the Ukrainian Students’ Club.