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Whether your passions are: arts, baking, advocacy, academics, sports, spirituality, or culture; we have a home away from home for you. Explore our CUSA Clubs or start your own.

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All CUSA Clubs are eligible for a club bank account with Scotiabank. The bank account permits students to have a debit card and two signing-authorities.

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All CUSA Clubs are eligible to apply for up to $2200 in funding in the academic year. The Clubs Oversight Commission reviews all applications.

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CCR Credits

Club executives, members, and volunteers can have their positions and experiences recognized by the Co-Curricular Record.

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On Campus Storage

Looking for a place to store your student group’s items? The CUSA Clubs Office can help your club find a variety of storage options that fit your club’s needs.

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Bookable Spaces

All CUSA Clubs are eligible to book space across campus for events or meetings.

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CUSA Clubs can have their club promoted through promotion on our website directory, the club event calendar, the CUSA Clubs Instagram stories, and on bulletin boards across campus.

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Student Groups Administrator

Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 4:00pm
In Office: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
513 Nideyinàn (formerly University Centre)

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