Clubs Funding

CUSA Funds

Clubs that charge a membership fee or have a levy are not eligible for CUSA funds

Council Standing Committees

CUSA Clubs Oversight Committee

The CUSA Clubs Oversight Committee assists CUSA Clubs with financial support. The hope of the committee is that support will contribute to club short and long term goals and ensure clubs run efficiently and effectively at Carleton University. Additionally, the committee hopes to encourage students active involvement on campus.

All certified CUSA Clubs are eligible to apply for the funding from the Clubs Oversight Committee. The committee has the power to deny applications to those CUSA Clubs with bad record.

To apple to receive funding, please complete this application form by October 11th at 11:59pm Eastern time

Here are some further details about the fund:

Funding requests for the following items will be looked upon favourably:

  • Bank fees
  • Guest speaker compensation
  • Giveaways or prizes tied to events
  • Event specific expenses
  • infrastructure/equipment
  • Subscriptions to relevant or essential services or technologies
  • Volunteerism or student experience enhancement

Funding requests for the following items will not be looked upon favourably:

  • General operations
  • Instagram giveaway prizes
  • In-person events, conferences, travel, lodging
  • Merchandise or merchandise subsidies
  • Rewards exclusively for Club executives
  • zoom subscriptions or equivalent technologies
  • Charitable donations
  • Alcohol

The Committee will prioritize applications in the following ways

  • Is the request essential or central to the club purpose?
  • If the a specific element of the request is not granted, what would be the economic effect on the club for the event/initiative in relation to the rest of club operations?
  • Does the application tie potential funding to a specific initiative? The committee will want to know what specifically the CUSA funds will be used for.
  • Does the application explain why the group have a certain amount of money in the bank account? What does their financial year look like?
  • Events/initiatives geared to all students will be prioritized over club specific or sub-section of the study body events/initiatives
  • Do all attached budgets provide detailed explanations?
  • Were all questions on the application form answered?
  • Is the application clear about how the funds will be used?

Items of Information

  • The Committee will examine all applications on a case-by-case basis, but the goal is to allocate funding fairly among all CUSA Clubs
  • The Committee may grant up to $2,200 to CUSA Clubs per academic year.
  • The Committee will not fund any Club that receives a levy from any portion of the Carleton University Student body.
  • The Committee can request any financial information from a Club requesting funds.
  • The Committee can order the return of any funding allocation that has been used for prohibited, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate use; and/or order a hold, or shut down a club bank account; in keeping with the Clubs sanctioning procedure and the principals of equal treatment and institutional fairness. These may be appealed to the Constitutional Board.

Feedback about the process can be submitted to the Student Groups Administrator at


This funding mechanism is closed for the year and will reopen in mid-2021

Bylaw Funds

Student Initiative Fund
Each year the CUSA Student Initiative Fund (SIF) gives students the chance to pursue exciting opportunities and projects that enhance their education and enrich the Carleton community. Students are invited to apply to receive funding for student initiatives such as conferences, competitions, charity events, and academic projects.

Accessibility Fund
The Accessibility Fund Committee works to ensure that CUSA events and services are accessible to all students. It also works to raise awareness of issues affecting students with disabilities on campus. All CUSA clubs, societies, services, facilities, and members of the association are able to apply for support from the Accessibility Fund.

Executive Portfolio Funds

These funds often update or change from year to year depending on new initiatives the CUSA executive undertakes, so keep checking back here!

External from CUSA Funds

CASG Academic Initiative Fund
A Carleton Academic Student Government (CASG) administered fund for Academic Events and Programming.

Student Activities Fund
A University administered fund which can be applied to by Student Groups and Individuals

FutureFunder is a program organized by the Alumni Department. Through this program, similar to gofundme, you may create a profile for a project you are working on and receive funding from alumni who are interested in funding you. Clubs and societies would be responsible for working with Carleton to set up a FutureFunder rather than CUSA, and should be mindful of the purposes of FutureFinders by reading about current initiatives and guidelines.

Engineering Students’ Equipment Fund (CUESEF)
CUESEF was established on November 12, 1993 by an engineering student referendum in order to supplement funding for equipment and/or services required to improve the education of Carleton University undergraduate engineering students.