A great space sets the perfect tone for your club meeting or event. CUSA has excellent options and benefits for your student group for booking space. Find your perfect setting below.


A great space sets the perfect tone for your club meeting or event. CUSA has excellent options and benefits for your student group for booking space. Find your perfect setting below.

Looking for a space for pub nights, pitch nights, or a fun meeting place? Ollie’s is the ideal place for you. 

Highlights of Ollie’s:

  • 150 capacity
  • Food and Drinks available for purchase
  • Reserve tables for meetings
  • Pub nights
  • Raffle Nights
  • Stage, DJ Set, TVs across 
  • Clubs are able to book their events on Friday or Saturday night 

Example events: 

  • FIFA World Cup Watch Party
    • CU in the Wild Pub Night
  • American Sign Language Practice Meeting

To book Ollies, reach out to ollies@cusaonline.ca for more information. Price varies based on event needs.


Rooster’s: Rooster’s Coffeehouse has been a favourite hangout for students since the early 1970s. Although Rooster’s has gone through numerous transformations in the last thirty-five years, it’s mission has remained the same: to offer the Carleton community great food and drinks at reasonable prices in a friendly, welcoming space.  Clubs have loved having this central location to host events. 

Roosters is available for event booking after 8:00pm Monday- Thursday; after 6:30pm on Friday and after 4:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Highlights of Roosters:

  • 75 person capacity
  • Food and Drinks available 
  • Includes access to 1 microphone and the ability to play recorded music
  • Additional tech requirements that will require a CUSA equipment or sound technician, there will be a $50.00 fee associated with this additional service.


Example events:

  • Coffeehouse-style events
  • Tea or Coffee Tasting Events
  • Speed mingling 

To book Roosters, fill out this form. Price varies based on event needs.



Host your private or public event with Haven! Stop by to check out our cozy, light filled space to visualize your event in our venue. We offer tech and event support on site and can provide food and non-alcoholic beverages. We can accommodate groups up to 40 people on our main level. Fill out our inquiry form to get started.

Example events: 

  • Beading workshop
  • Open Mic Nights
  • Poetry Nights

To book Havens, fill out this form. Price varies based on event needs.


Multi-Faith Centre:

The Multi-Faith Centre is a bookable space for faith-based groups to meet, celebrate, and practice their beliefs. The MFC is a private space that allows those who wish to observe their faith, to do so in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Example events:

  • Prayer Circles
  • Elder Meetings
  • Religious or Spiritual Leaders

[insert link to enterprise booking system]

Booking Classrooms:

All CUSA Student Groups are able to book a classroom for free. Carleton University uses their “enterprise system” for booking space. Space will only be granted to your group once a risk assessment form has been submitted. Please note, only the President and the room-booking individual (as indicated on the certification and recertification forms) will be able to book spaces.

Reach out to the Student Experience Office with any questions: seo@carleton.ca

Request a Classroom here.

Booking a Table in the UC Galleria: 

All CUSA Student Groups are able to book a table in the UC Galleria. This area is managed by the Carleton University Campus Card Office. Please review the UC Galleria Space Booking Policy before making a booking. You can book a UC Galleria table here.

Booking Conference Spaces:

Approval for Requests

All events require Risk Management approval in addition to space booking approval from Conference Services.

  • Submit a Conference Services Inquiry Form 
  • Submit a Risk Management Form- The second step is to submit a Risk Assessment Form . The Risk Management process is not managed by the office of Conference Services. We advise that groups start their booking at least one month in advance if Risk Management is required. It is the group’s responsibility to comply with the Risk Management process, and an event may not proceed without successful approval being granted via the above form. If you receive approval, please forward the email to meet@carleton.ca.

Contract, Insurance, and Payment:

Room Rental Fees:

  • Richcraft Hall Conference Rooms
    • Richcraft Conference Rooms 2220, 2224 and 2228 are open space rooms with the flexibility to accommodate groups up to 40 to 60 people each, or combined up to 300 people. These rooms can be customized to your floor plan needs. Please note that the spaces are empty to be prepared for your floorplan.
    • Internal Pricing: Atrium $300.00/per day
    • Conference Rooms 2220-2224-2228- $500.00/day
    • Conference Rooms 2220, 2224 or 2228 – $200/room/day
    • Patio- no charge
  • Residence Commons Conference Rooms:
    • Residence Common Conference Rooms 270, 272, 274 can be used as one large space or divided with soundproof air walls. Individually each room can accommodate up to 60 people. When all three rooms are used, they can accommodate up to 300. Please note that the space are empty to be prepared for your floorplan. 
    • Internal Pricing: Conference Rooms 270-272-274- $500/day
    • Internal Pricing: Conference Rooms 270, 272, or 274- $200/room/day
  • Residence Commons Fenn Lounge
    • Internal Pricing: $300/day
  • All Outdoor Quads:
    • Internal Pricing: $200/day

Risk Management: 

Please note, if you are hosting an event, your group will need to review Carleton University’s Risk Management requirements. Access to the Risk Management form is here.