Having a club close can be difficult, but we are here to help. Clubs can close voluntarily or based on a requirement to close from the Clubs Oversight Commission or the CUSA Students’ Tribunal.


Step 1: Inform all membership of the decertification/closure.

Step 2: Contact CUSA that your club is planning to close. 

  • Provide the Student Groups Administrator with a list of all membership-fee paying members. If your club does not have paid memberships, please send along an updated membership list.

Step 3: Review your club’s constitution. 

  • Student Groups typically have “dissolution clauses” in their constitution. 

Step 4: Identify where the funds and assets will be sent. 

  • Assets should be sold or turn them over to the Student Groups Administrator
  • Funds: Pay any outstanding debts to CUSA, Carleton University, contracted companies, or contracted individuals 
  • Funds: Reimburse members and executives who purchased club materials with personal funds and have not been reimbursed. These individuals will need to have a receipt of their purchase. 

Step 5: Fill out a Bank Letter Request Form to close your bank account. 

  • A meeting will take place between the Student Groups Administrator, the Scotiabank representative, and club singing authorities
  • Club Funds belonging to CUSA will be returned to CUSA, additional funds will be delegated based on Clubs’ decision

Please note, due to limited storage, CUSA will not be able to preserve any materials, assets, or social media information for future use. Please find your own homes for these items.