Recertification is the process of a group recertifying to be a CUSA Club. This process is for clubs that were certified in the previous academic year. Individuals who are looking to start a new club, should look at CUSA’s certification procedure.

The recertification application for 2023-2024 is now closed. Clubs looking to become certified can fill out the “certification application.”


The Recertification procedure:

  1. Ensure that your club was certified last year
  2. Fill out the Recertification Application Form 
  3. Your Application will be reviewed by the Clubs Oversight Commission
  4. The Student Groups Administrator will email your recertification decision
  5. Student Groups may be recommended to make edits to their submitted documents or provide further information. 

Recertification applications open on May 1st. Clubs wanting to hear back before Fall 2023 should apply for recertification by June 30th. Recertification applications are open all year, but will only be considered in December and March.


Recertification resources: 

Constitution template