CUSA Clubs are up to exciting things. Let us help you promote your events and activities!

Promotion Options:

  • Clubs can promote their club events on our website by filling out this form. 
  • Events will be automatically tagged to the club profile, so students looking at your club in the directory can find your event. It will also be shared on our events website.
  • CUSA Clubs can tag @cusaclubs on Instagram and we will re-share your posts
  • Instagram Feature: Fill out this form to be featured in an Instagram Reel on the @cusaclubs account. The reel will feature 1-2 executives promoting their club and what they can do to get involved. The AVP Student Groups will reach out to set up a meeting time to film said reel.
  • Fill out this form to share your events with us. The information provided will be put on the CUSA Clubs Website under “Events.” It can also be featured on the CUSA Clubs Instagram

CUSA Clubs are welcome to poster on CUSA Posterboards which include:

  • 5th Floor Nideyinàn (formerly UC):
    • Board near 513
    • Board near elevator
  • 4th Floor Nideyinàn (formerly UC):
    • Board outside Roosters
    • Board inside Roosters
    • Board by 4D Staircase/CUSA Main Office
  • 3rd Floor Nideyinàn (formerly UC):
    • Board near 327 (Near CUSA Storage Space)
    • Board near 324A (CUSA Storage Space)
    • Board in 3rd Floor Hallway (on stairs)
  • 2nd Floor:
    • Board outside Muslim Prayer Room
  • 1st Floor:
    • Board outside of Ollie’s

Good Poster Practices: 

  1. Posters must be hung by push pin, only
  2. Event based Posters are up only for the time of the event
  3. Advertisement based posters are only up for about 30 day
  4. No poster should cover another
  5. No poster should hang off the board
  6. A group can only have 1 poster per board
  7. CUSA boards are limited to certified groups

Carleton University Poster Boards can also be utilized, but you should consult their posting policy. 

CUSA Clubs can use CUSA’s button maker!

  • Clubs can use this form to utilize the buttonmaker.
  • Clubs are eligible for up to 50 buttons per academic year.
  • Clubs can use this template to create their buttons.
  • Please print your button prints before you arrive to make buttons. Please also bring your own scissors to your appointment.
  • The CUSA Front Desk will demonstrate how to create a button.

All CUSA Clubs are welcome to apply to create a Tunnel Mural!

  1. Applicants must complete the Tunnel Mural Application Form, include the proposed design, and proposed mural location.
  2. The completed Tunnel Mural Application Form, proposed design, and proposed location should be submitted to the Department of Equity & Inclusive Communities for review. The Department of Equity & Inclusive Communities is located at 3800 Carleton Technology and Training Centre. 
  3. Applicants should notify the CUSA Clubs Office ( when the form has been submitted to Equity & Inclusive Communities for review.
  4. The Department of Equity & Inclusive Communities, VP of Finance and Admin, and Director, Space Management and Campus Planning will all review your application.
  5. Should your application be approved, the wall will need to be primed before painting begins. CUSA will submit an E-shop request once your group has been approved. Your club is expected to cover these expenses which can range from $90.00 – $200.00. This can take up to 2 weeks from when a priming request is sent to FMP.
  6. After priming has completed, Facilities & Management Planning (FMP) will notify CUSA/your group to begin painting. Note: students must use water based latex paints for their mural. Clubs are responsible for covering this expense. 
  7. Incomplete murals will be painted over if they remain incomplete for more than 5 years.