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Access Carleton Disability Club (ACDC)

Access Carleton Disability Club (ACDC) is a community for people with disabilities and allies who strive to improve accessibility and inclusion for disabled students on campus through student-led advocacy. ACDC is a place to meet other like-minded students and attend disability-related workshops and fun community events such as accessible movie nights and craft nights.
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Ahlul-Bayt Students’ Association – Carleton

The Ahlul-Bayt Students’ Association (ABSA) is a non-profit organization at Carleton University. The heart of the organization revolves around the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH) and his pure family. ABSA seeks to preserve their teachings and values and provide students with religious, social and individual necessities to fulfill their religious obligations and academic duties. Our mission encourages cooperation with other clubs to build a healthy environment on campus that is free from prejudice, racism and discrimination.
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AIESEC in Carleton

AIESEC in Carleton offers its members many opportunities for growth and development. With its presence in over 2,600 affiliated universities and over 126 countries and territories, AIESEC can help young people discover and develop their potential. As the largest international student-run organization in the world, AIESEC aims to promote global understanding through leadership development and international exchange. Our Global Talent, Global Teacher, and Global Volunteer programs provide students and recent graduates the challenging opportunity to live and work in a foreign country in the areas of education, marketing, finance, and more. Our 60,000 members worldwide have the opportunity to develop their professional and leadership skills, gain an international perspective, and expand their personal network.
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Anime@Carleton (A@C) is devoted to the exposure of and provides a community to connect, discuss, and socialise over mutual interests and passions in Japanese as well as East Asian animation and media at Carleton. We hold weekly showings of a diverse selection of anime shows and movies in addition to hosting club dinners, anime theatre excursions, and other club activities as well as providing benefits like club discounts to anime conventions such as Anime North. Everyone is welcome to join, attend, and participate in the club from those simply curious and interested to those more earnest and passionate.
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Armenian Students’ Association

Armenian Students’ Association Ottawa (ASA Ottawa) aims to unite Carleton students and advance multiculturalism and academic progress by promoting Armenian culture, heritage, and history. Through engaging cultural events and historical presentations, we hope to extend our wonderful culture to our fellow Carleton students. ASA Ottawa is not only for Armenians, and we welcome all students to join the club and take part in our events!
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