Visual Arts Carleton


Casual club where art-lovers can socialize and create ! We provide prompts and free materials (paints, markers, pencil crayons, embroidery materials, collage etc). Check our socials for when & where and drop in if you’re free!

First VAC Meeting

September 29th, 2023 - 5:00pm-8:00pm

general meeting where everyone is welcome! we will be providing art supplies, but feel free to bring your own WIPs and projects. meet fellow artists at Carleton! Registration Cost: Free

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Visual Arts Carleton runs an election for all executives every year.

From their constitution: 

7.2 A succession officer will be selected in a consensus manner. They cannot run in the
election. Successions officers may be
○ A neutral party to all elections being held within the club
○ A member of the Clubs Oversight Commission
○ A member of the CUSA Clubs Office
○ A club member or an external student non-member

Elections will happen in the final meeting of the winter semester. All members
running in a contested position shall get the chance to speak for at least one (1)
minute to the members present at the election. The election will be a closed ballot
ranked-choice voting.