We love new clubs! Have an idea for a club? We want to hear it and support you! CUSA is the perfect spot for clubs to have a home. We see the value in having support and a home for Clubs on campus.


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Club Certification Guidance

Clubs can apply to become a CUSA Club at any time of the year, however the applications will only be reviewed between June- August, December, and March.

  1. Develop a unique club idea and review the Clubs Directory to ensure that a similar club doesn’t already exist.
  2. Fill out the Certification Application
  3. The Certification Application will be reviewed by the Clubs Oversight Commission
  4. The Student Groups Administrator will communicate your application status
  5. Complete training requirements
  6. Begin utilizing CUSA benefits
  • Club: The aim of a Club shall be to provide a social and / or academic environment and to benefit its membership as well as the Carleton community through enhancement of the university experience
  • Academic Society Club: The aim of Academic Society Clubs shall be to provide an academic and social environment related to the field of study of respective academic area in an effort to enhance the university experience
  • Competitive Club: Made up a group of students joined by a common competitive interest
  • Charter Club: Made up a group of students with direct or non-arm’s length relationship with an International, National, or non-Carleton affiliated parent organization
  • Autonomous Club: The aim of Autonomous Clubs shall be to provide advocacy and / or structural legitimacy to groups whose functioning are limited by normally applicable Student Group Bylaws or Procedures
  • These positions must be held by two different students. This request comes from the Clubs Oversight Commission to ensure that one individual does not hold too much power
  • To make your constitution up to date, please review our constitution template.
  • Ensure your leadership succession procedure includes:
    • 1 year terms for executives (including president)
    • The president/chief executive officer cannot select executives- a democratic method should be chosen
    • An election, a CUSA Student Groups application & interview, or a consensus-based
    • One vote per member (group votes or extra votes for executives are not permitted.)
  • Review this video for support with your constitution
  •  It is important for your club to actively keep an accurate record of your club membership. Individuals do not “automatically” join your club by virtue of being affiliated with your club’s mandate.
  • Example: If I am the President of the Carleton Scottish Association- all Scottish students at Carleton are not considered to be automatic members, although they are welcome to join my club as members.
  • As Club President, I would create a form (recommended- Google Form) and have interested individuals fill out this form to declare their membership.
  • On the form, they would need to include their name, CUID, and cmail. Only these individuals who fill out this form will be recognized as official members of your club. Only these students are permitted to vote in club elections and have coverage under our insurance as club members.
  • Community members (not official members of your club) can participate in club events should also be added to a list.